ICICI Social Initiative Group (SIG)

As one of the largest financial institutions in India, ICICI’s overall mission has been to build the capacities of commercial entities and, thereby, enable them to become agents of economic change. It believes that building the capacities of the poorest of the poor to participate in the economy and society is a natural extension of this role. With this in mind, ICICI has been contributing to the social sector for nearly 30 years, mainly by financing and advising organizations working in the development sector.


Mission statement

The mission statement of the SIG is “to identify and support initiatives designed to improve the capacities of the poorest of the poor to participate in the larger economy”. The SIG believes that the three fundamental capacities any individual should possess to be able to participate in the larger economy are in the areas of health, education and access to basic financial services. Within these broad areas, infant health at birth, elementary education and micro financial services define areas in which the SIG’s work focuses, The group’s involvement is not at the grassroots, though field visits, aimed at assessing need and facilitating dialogue, form an integral part: of their work.


Focus Areas

  • Primary health
  • Primary education
  • Micro-finance


Health : Early Child Health

ICICI Bank aims to aims to improve individual capacity by impacting two important indicators of chronic under nutrition in the first three years at the national level :

> Proportion of babies born with a birth weight of less than 2.5 kg at or beyond 37 weeks of gestation (Intra-Uterine Growth retardation, IUGR)

> Proportion of children under three years who are stunted.


Education: Elementary Education

Education (and not just literacy) up to the elementary level seems to be almost a necessary condition for any individual (rich or poor) to be able to participate in any manner in the larger economy. Here the goal is to work towards the universalisation of elementary education all across India, rural and urban, with a substantial difference being made by 2010. The goal focuses on retention in school and learning achieved.


Money : Micro Financial Services

These services would include basic banking (savings and cash management), finance (debt and equity), insurance (life and health) and derivatives. The goal here is to facilitate universal access to these four services by the year 2010.

In addition to its core areas of focus, the SIG in a limited manner, supports some other initiatives:


  1. Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Capacity Building

This is supported through the GIVE (Giving Impetus to Voluntary Effort) Foundation and the

Website: www.ICICIcommunities.org.

The website seeks to provide a variety of services to NGOs listed on the site including facilitating the receipt of donations online (Give Online), sale of NGO products (Shop Online), volunteering of time and skills (Volunteer Online) and news (News Online).


  1. Modernization of the Indian Financial System

This involves encouraging appropriate research and institution building efforts on a national basis. The website, ICICIresearchcentre.org, is a virtual non-profit research centre that acts as a platform to address and encourage debate, and develop a non-partisan opinion on various issues of concern and interest in financial economics relating to emerging markets. ICICI Bank has supported the development of various financial institutions such as the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange. It has also supported the Institute for Financial Management and Research, Chennai.


The ICICI Bank SIG’s Proposal Processing System

This system has been developed to help you/NGOs apply for finance for your not-for-profit, social development projects. It also helps to track the status of your application, follow-up on the project, and communicate with the Social Initiatives Group.


If the organization is already registered, it has to inter its User Name and Password to login to

the system.


For registration, please click on the Registration link on ICICI social initiatives.org to send the details of the organization to SIG. The SIG will review the details and revert to the organization. Please note that your organization MUST be registered with SIG to apply for finance.


For any queries, please contact at (022) 26531414, and ask for Social Initiatives Group.



Manager, Social Initiatives Group, ICICI Bank Limited,

ICICI Bank towers, Bandra – Kuria Complex, Mumbai 400 051,

Tel : 022-2653-1414, Fax: 022-2653-1164

Website: www.icicisocialinitiatives.org.

Email : First write name of the person e.g. shilpa.deshpande who was looking after this SIG program then @


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