CSR Funding Empanelment by National CSR Hub

If NGO wants to get CSR funding then it is easy to get CSR funding after empanelment with “National CSR Hub” at Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). After getting empanelment, the NGOs can be part of a professionalised pool of development sector organisations in India. It is an important factor that only those NGOs fulfilling the parameters of credibility and competency decided by TISS are eligible to be empanelled with National CSR Hub. The NGO must follow the parameters to be a partner with National CSR Hub to fulfil its objectives of sustainable development.
The required and identified parameters for impanelment are: financial capacity, transparency and sustainability of NGO, Governance and structure of NGO, core activity, strategy and methodology of NGO, working staff, administrative policies and procedures of NGO, program management, documentation of organisation.

Eligibility criteria for Empanelment Application (According to Tata Institute of Social Sciences):
1. Completion of a minimum of 3 years from the date of registration of NGO.
2. Registered as a Non-Profit Organisation.

The applicant NGO has to apply for empanelment to the Head, Empanelment Committee
National CSR Hub, Tata Institute of Social Sciences. The links are here:

Empanelment Opportunities

Empanelment Application – Assessment Criteria

Empanelment Application System Process

Empanelment Application Steps for Partnership

Submit Application for Empanelment – Empanelment Application

Application Procedure for Empanelment

This is the Form for CSR Empanelment:

Doc Form
PDF Form




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